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Before I got interested in making video, I got interested in learning physics.

Here is a blog I set up some time ago and almost never update.

Getting interested in physics was an honest mistake, one of the best honest mistakes I have ever made and there is no question that it could happen to absolutely anyone. If you are going to make one honest, regret-free mistake this year, consider making it the learning of some cool, badass, bizarro physics. There are plenty of ways to get started.

IMG_3243Started holding video cameras as a teen and had an interest in filming every day stuff with my friends. I am mostly interested in watching documentary films and that is likely why I am most interested in documenting the world and using video as a means to package that into short or medium length films.

Making videos about physics, science and society is a natural marriage of my greatest life interests.

Aside from nerding it up and making films I also like to write fiction, non-fiction, I draw silly but fun cartoons, play guitar loud enough to make the neighbours complain but try to avoid that and given the opportunity I will sometimes amuse native French and German speakers by trying to speak French or German when my native language is algebra.


m:+61 405 391 311

3 Responses to About

  1. Matt says:

    Hey man, it’s been a while!!
    It’s Matt, you’re mate from Pot Black.
    Jess gave me your website last night when I stopped in for my Thursday night game.
    I hope S.E Asia was awesome.

    You’ve done a cracking job on this web site!!
    I’d love to catch up and hear about the travels and adventures you have had abroad.
    That is when you are back in perth and want to take some time of from being behind a camera.



    • Bart says:

      Hey there Matt, how’s it going? Good to hear from you, man. How’s the personal training going?

      SE Asia was, of course, pretty damned awesome. But then you knew that!

      Not due back in Perth for a while yet. Am pretty much as far away from Perth as you can get while staying on the mainland and it’s taken most of two months to get here (Cairns). Have to have a few games of pool when I do get back. Can’t let Jess be the only person to poolschool me.

      • Matt says:

        Fantastic to hear bro,
        It’s been really busy lately which is awesome.
        Will definitely have to catch up and play some pool when you’re back.
        Enjoy Cairns.

        I’ll be sure to check in on the site to see what’s been going on.

        Stay safe!!

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