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You might be a word nerd. Lots of word nerds in this world. Writers, poets, crossword or scrabble addicts, word nerds keep the traditions of language alive and who cannot love asking about the etymology of etymology?

You could be a tech nerd. There’s a whole generation of those. It is great to see tech reaching for the inner nerd and reaching it in so many people. Maybe you’re some hobbyist nerd, a stamp collecting trainspotting nerd on a collectables mission. Or a science nerd, possibly a maths nerd and the mystery of the natural world and what we can find out about it from measurements and thinking floats the old boat.

Maybe you’re just doing your own nerdy thing your own nerdy way and there’s no easy way to account for your inner nerd’s self expression. Your inner nerd is a complex entity and the best way to discover what it is like is to enjoy being a nerd and accepting all the nerdy consequences.



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