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Highway One – The Kimberley
Highway One - The Kimberley

THIS IS BAT COUNTRY  · · Driving in the Kimberley is like having access to a vast world of nothing but panoramic eye candy. There’s the landscape, the constant proximity to completely empty beaches, the flora, fauna and an ever changing, ever beautiful sky. · ·  And so there’s incentive to be shooting film, it […]

Highway One – the Gascoyne and the Pilbarra
Highway One - the Gascoyne and the Pilbarra

PLAYING THOSE MINE GAMES The national highway system connects the main cities, states and territories by a system of integrated highways. Since 1953 these have fallen under the collective banner of Highway One. The trip from Perth to Broome directly is roughly 2500km by coastal roads. An inland route takes less distance but also has […]

Perth – City Without A Cause
Perth - City Without A Cause

COMING HOME TO CULTURE SHOCK After three months spent in S.E. Asia, coming home to Australia was something of a shock to the system. A friend with extensive time abroad travelling to a lot of places in the third world had warned me too, it is the unexpected which you have to watch out for […]

Malaysia – All Asia
Malaysia - All Asia

THE ONE AND A HALF PARTY STATE   Malaysia is a regionally wealthy society which boasts of an Asian multiculture. On the face of it this is reasonable: Malaysia is secular and racially and culturally integrated. Dig a little deeper as can happen most easily around a general election and the mythology of a contented […]

Thailand – Land of Smiles
Thailand - Land of Smiles

YOU WANT TUK-TUK? YOU WANT BOOM-BOOM? . Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Not only does it boast some of the world’s most famous temples, some of the world’s most lovely cuisine, it also boasts a genuinely lovely population of kind, welcoming and charming people. You will get your heart […]

Zen Cat
Zen Cat

MEET KOSTA Cats know things about states of relaxation which humans can learn from. Alternating between periods of yawning, stretching and near total stillness seems to have a lot to do with how cats attain a state of tranquility.   Kosta sleeps in random cars. He sleeps when swooped by territorial birds. He sleeps on […]

CPT and Gravitation
CPT and Gravitation

A Geometric Outline of Villata’s Theorem The following notes describe how to make use of diagrams to model problems in special relativity as well as gravitation.   There are further notes relating to the last few steps of the argument.   The following additional work considers the issue of closure with respect to the special […]

Cambodia – Some Photography
Cambodia - Some Photography

People, places and animals of Cambodia.                                                          

Because Science is Awesome
Because Science is Awesome

Scientist is a relatively modern career title to have. For most of history either the word didn’t exist. Once invented it most often referred to someone rich and a bit peculiar. Someone determined to start shoving their own money at their own thinking and research. Otherwise scientist meant someone from the lower classes who was […]