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Highway One – Brisbane
Highway One - Brisbane

VIVA BRISVEGAS! As modern cities go, Brisbane is hard to beat. Any city which has turned a treasury building into an inner city casino has also paid solid tribute to the remarkable fact that voting in governments who then spend the public’s money is so very much like gambling. Especially in a unicameral parliamentary system […]

Two Countries For The Price Of One
Two Countries For The Price Of One

THE TOP END – THIS WAY UP Heading into the North from the South is a little like leaving one world and entering another, not just like crossing the tropical line, entering the tropic of Capricorn really means changing country. Heading South from the North is much the same only in reverse. The Top End […]

Highway One – Western and Central Queensland (North)
Highway One - Western and Central Queensland (North)

CATTLE AND DINOSAUR COUNTRY     Some of the small Western and central Queensland towns look like rural places hit so hard by drought that they’re going to become smaller towns before they get to be larger towns again. There are quite a few of these smaller towns in the NT which already rely heavily […]

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