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Nitmiluk National Park


A tropical oasis, a sacred place, a place for anyone to see and a world heritage listed national park (Nitmiluk). It doesn’t get a lot better than that in terms of a huge build up.

Hopefully you can get an idea from this vignette why Katherine Gorge really is just a little bit special. Sitting there filming it on a pontoon required complete stillness. Any motion at all from me or any other visitors would set the pontoon into a sympathetic swaying motion. It forced me to be still for the hour I was filming there. It is a truly hypnotic place and without being melodramatic, it is easy to see how unbelievably appropriate the word ‘dreamtime’ really is. Not only does this one gorge alone feel ancient and set outside of time, something about the place feels like it lives inside a dream.

Tell me I’m wrong…

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